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Greenland style

Wooden and carbon fibre Greenland style kayak gear. Our brands are Gearlab, Gram , Max-paddles and Celtic.

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Gram 9200 2 piece carbon paddle with extra power

Gram 9200 2 piece carbon paddle with extra power

Introducing the Gram 9200, a Greenland paddle with a twist! This paddle offers an exciting blend of power and performance. With its wider design and enhanced power, it's perfect for those seeking a dynamic paddling experience. Crafted from lightweight yet durable honeycomb carbon, it ensures effortless strokes and optimal maneuverability.

The ergonomic handles of the Gram 9200 make it easier to paddle longer distances with less fatigue, making every kayaking adventure unforgettable.


9200 is made of honeycomb carbon.

Length 220 

Width of handle 55cm

Width of the blade is 92mm.

Weight approx. 625 g

GST Included
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