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Greenland style

Wooden and carbon fibre Greenland style kayak gear. Our brands are Gearlab, Gram , Max-paddles and Celtic.

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Greenland Wooden Kayak Paddles were invented by the people who invented the Kayak - The Inuits of Greenland.

Designed for stealth, speed and endurance these modern style Greenland Paddles are just as relevant for the modern day kayaker.

They make paddling easier and faster. 

The Greenland paddle works like a wing in the water and creates lift and power which means speed and efficiency.

Timber is a joy to paddle with because it is softer, easier and forgiving on your muscles, joints and hands and you don't get blisters.

Using a Greenland Paddle you will have a stress and pain free time on the water.

Each paddle is handcrafted from a hand selected piece of Western Red Cedar. This means they are strong, lightweight and responsive and typically weigh around 700grams.

All Greenland paddles are tailor-made for a custom fit to suit you the paddler and your kayak.

Lead time is 14 days from time of ordering to receiving your Greenland paddle. 

GST Included
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